Bodybuilders and Masons!!!!!!!11111111


For the last little while, 3 months or so, I’ve been doing a lot more cycling, and we recently got an exercycle. I’ve also been hitting the gym pretty hard, pumping iron four times a week. I’ve even gone so far as to invest in supplements and steroids like anavar, and I’ve joined up to a bodybuilding forum!

But just when I thought I had started a healthy new lifestyle, what do I find out? Oh no, I’m becoming a pawn of the freemasons!

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2 thoughts on “Bodybuilders and Masons!!!!!!!11111111

  1. Wow.. what’s keeping you motivated? I need to exercise so much more than I do (as I write this I’m drinking a large glass of Sprite)

    Having trouble keeping up with the kids? 😉

  2. Now I watched the video… there’s a cult or consipiracy in everything these days. I’m so glad there a groups like these around to help us see things that aren’t there, because now that I know this, I’m A-OK.

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