Why are so many Palestinian children dying?


I know this picture has done the rounds on the internet over the last few years, but it seems particularly appropriate at present in light of current events. The question here is why are so many Palestinian children dying in the Palestinian/Israeli conflict while so few Israelis are dying? Doesn’t that show that Israel is over-reacting and using inappropriately disproportionate force? The answer, as explained in my recent post on the subject (“My thoughts on Israel and the Gaza Strip Invasion”) is succinctly summed up as follows (for those who don’t know, the Israeli flag is the blue and white one).

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6 thoughts on “Why are so many Palestinian children dying?

  1. Yea, because Palestinian soldiers are not really human and can’t be sympathetic to babies and children and all they want to do is kill Jews. They have no systems of ethics and are so below any form of humanity that they would even use a baby in a stroller to hide behind. Not even dogs would do that. We should help the Israeli government kill more of them.

    Jews on the other hand are always willing to stand up for what is right and protect the rights of the weaker members of society. They would even put there own lives at risk to protect babies in strollers from those sub-human Palestinians. Gotta love those Jews!

    1. I believe the message of the cartoon, yes. Think back to the date of this blog, and what was featuring on the news at the time.

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