If Labour loves Hitler so much, why don't they marry him?


A small part of Twentieth Century New Zealand history is usually glossed over, but not any more: The Labour Government of the day wanted to appease Hitler and sit around the table to talk peace even after he broke the former agreement with Britain and invaded Poland:

Though it has been commonly assumed that New Zealand vocally opposed the Nazi expansion and urged Britain to confront Hitler’s regime, two historians are arguing this is not true.

New Zealand continued to push for negotiations with Hitler even as Britain declared war, while still honouring a trade agreement made with Germany in 1937, they say.

Massey University head of history, philosophy and classics James Watson said he and New Zealand Defence Force historian John Crawford began their research after discovering discrepancies in the history books.

Read more HERE. Let’s see, waiting until dangerous states break agreements that were the condition for peace, and then condemning those who want to act swiftly. That’s our Labour alright. Some things never change.

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