The desktop PC at which I now sit is the current incarnation of a computer that’s nearly 6 years old. I’ve swapped and added a few different parts over the years, but it’s basically the same Athlon XP socket A based system that I’ve had since then. It makes a lot of noise, and a hard drive is on the way out and the merit in maintaining the computer continues to diminish.

I just thought I’d let you people know what I put up with for your sake. Now I’ll go back to dreaming of that new mac I might one day own. Oh, thou shalt not covet. OK. I’ll go back to rejoicing with others over the fact that they have new macs of their own.

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4 thoughts on “Sigh

  1. You need to update your paypal donation button. After reading your post on my MacBook and knowing your pain, I figured, what the heck, I’ll double my usual contribution. The extra $5 will help Glenn on his way to not having to rejoice with others over the fact that they are really, really, really happy with their macs.

    But alas, I was denied the opportunity to change my donation amount. It’s the thought that counts anyway.

  2. Hi Glen
    I am sort of sorry to hear about your lack of mac, but being victim to a terminal MS addiction, I can only roll the eyes, tisk and click. However, when donating in this case, it may not be fair to tether the dollars to such a universally viable platform as found in an Intel/Microsoft combination – so please spend them as you will. I need to charge up my paypal- click you soon.

  3. Hey thanks guys – this was really just me venting, but I won’t stand in your way as the hosting bill is due soon. 🙂

    Dan – good suggestion. I initially set the button up that way to make sure people realised that I wasn’t asking for anything big. I’ve updated it now in case anybody wants to donate $2 instead of $5. 😉

  4. Glenn,
    when someone uses a socket A, Anything else looks good. Here’s a tip…
    Don’t do your grocery shopping when you’re hungry : )

    Why don’t you simply for a few hundred frop a new MB, i7 extreme, Nvidei GT, 16 gb and vista 32 and 64 into the machine? 1300.00.

    If you’re real cheap just go quad core and save do it all for prob 500.00 bucks.

    It’s a cheap way to go.

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