Back in the old country


Hi everyone – I’m back in New Zealand. I’m in Auckland, and will fly back home to Dunedin tomorrow evening.

There are a lot of people to be thanked for the many blessings I’ve been able to enjoy recently. For my time at the ESPR conference at Oxford, my thanks goes out to Aku Visala for liaising with me in the lead up to the conference and also making me aware of some funding towards costs, which was included in the cash thermometer that I had on the site indicating how much money had been raised. Aku was also a great tour guide of the beautiful colleges at the university. Many thanks also to Nick Waghorn for getting in touch with me and making it possible for me to stay at a nearby hall of residence at a great price – and also to Wendy Bunning, secretary of St Benet’s hall, for agreeing to let me stay there. Thanks are also due to Justin Brierley at Premiere Radio for hosting me for not one but two segments on the Unbelievable? radio show, and also to Dr John Haldane and Dr Arif Ahmed, who were very gracious partners in dialogue.

Back in New Zealand, my thanks go out to the good people at Takanini Church of Christ for inviting me to speak there. Thanks also to Zachary Arden for his assistance in arranging the two public talks that I gave today, both of which went very well. My thanks to Thinking Matters, including Stuart McEwing for his very classy graphic design work, and also to my good friends Matt and Madeleine Flannagan (aka M and M) for accommodating me here in Auckland and ferrying me to and from these events, and for their valuable support in promoting tonight’s talk.

Of course a huge thank you is due  to everyone who was kind enough to financially assist me with my costs in making this major journey. Without you it really could not have happened, and I’m really grateful. I’ll give a report on the actual events of the trip once I’m back home again, but I really had to register my appreciation to everyone who has been a part of this. It has been a productive experience in a number of ways.

Lastly but of course not least in any way, my wonderful wife Ruth has patiently endured my absence while looking after our children. Thank you honey, I’m looking forward to coming home! Her mother Pat visited for most of the time I was away and helped her with things at home, and we’re both grateful for that.

Thank you!

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