He makes over 130K


This is Trevor Mallard, a rather vocal member of Parliament, a Labour MP sitting in opposition. Here he is on a normal day’s work.

This is how he spends a lot of time. Just check Youtube and you’ll see that this is him on a good day. He is more civil in this clip than he is much of the time, he is more coherent, shouting less, and behaving in a more adult manner. In 2008 his salary was $131,000 plus some pretty sweet allowances. It’s higher now, but I’m not sure what it is.

What do you do? Do you work harder than this? If so, how does you income compare to the honourable Mr Mallard’s?

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9 thoughts on “He makes over 130K

  1. I think in near future, we will be so sick of these politicians and replace them with a computer program, we shall call the program skynet.

  2. Sigh.

    Watching them act like a bunch of unruly children just makes me wonder what the hell we’re paying them for!

  3. Pols are God’s punishment for the vast majority of people being incapable of living properly in civilized society. Just look at Saul.

    Unfortunately, the rest of us are along for the ride too.

  4. /sanctimony off >

    Forgot to close the html tag on my previous post. That should fix it.

  5. It makes you wonder.. How exactly do people get sucked in to voting for politicians that offer this kind of (negative) value?

    I guess some politicians are also illusionists.

    It is also disheartening that he was allowed to carry on as long as he did. Those 10 minutes could have been spent debating something useful to the country.

  6. Nathan, it’s not about the person, sadly. People vote for a party and an ideology that they have built up around it in their mind, and it makes absolutely no difference how good or bad the people they are voting for happen to be. The party could have a gibbon stand in his electorate and it would win for the same reason. The gibbon, sadly, was unavailable, so Trevor Mallard stood for election instead.

  7. Vote for a small party I’d say. Get rid of old farts in parliament!

    It’s ridiculous how some people want to vote for small party but afraid to end up wasting their votes if their small party doesn’t make it pass 5%. It’s a scare tactic.

    I think those people should still vote the small party, because that party is who they truly believe in.

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