Slow and steady does it


The best way to begin overcoming some things is one step at a time. (Actually that’s generally the way to overcome most things.) With that in mind, I’ve come up with a realistic new model of doing this and I am about to:

  • Start posting blog articles at least fortnightly. I’d like to say weekly, but I don’t want to over-promise and under-deliver. It might be weekly.
  • Start posting podcast episodes monthly.
  • Migrate the site to Dreamhost, in light of some frustrations with the level of service provided by my current webhost, GoDaddy. It’ll cost more but be worth it.
  • Start creating short (no more than 5-10 minutes, probably no more than 5 minutes) videos.

Don’t bug me if something hasn’t come out exactly seven days after the last article (in fact ideally don’t bug me at all about this – but I’m sure you wouldn’t), but these are changes you can expect within a few weeks.

As always, anybody who wants to support this work is welcome to do so. It’ll make me feel more obliged to produce content.


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3 thoughts on “Slow and steady does it

  1. I love the new look, Glenn. It’s a gorgeous, seamless read on my iPhone. Can’t wait for more blog articles, podcasts, and videos!

    Cheers from the midwest, USA.

    1. That was not a productive use of my time, Tuck. Oh the things I could have gotten done!

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