Why would you donate?

If you just enjoy reading the blog and listening to the podcast episodes and you have no inclination to think about donations, that’s fine. I will, for as long as I can, keep making this stuff, and you can keep reading it, and the earth will keep turning. I am happy to have as many readers as I can possibly have. I do what I do because I think it has value and I want it to reach people, and I will keep doing what it takes to make that a reality. I will also continue to prepare material for public talks and publication, and I will do what it takes to make these things happen as much as possible.

Shortly after I set up this site many years ago it quickly became much more popular than I expected it to, which is fantastic. I also speak to various groups; churches, youth groups, student groups and other, on the kinds of issues that I cover here. This is, to use a bit of a jargonny term, my ministry (or if you’d prefer a less religious term, think of it as a vocation). I would like these activities to occupy a larger place in my life than they do now. My writing and speaking output is very low. I don’t run this full-time (barely even part-time). I work a regular full-time job during the day. I would like this to change, and for that part of my life to be the dominant part. I would happily be involved in full-time teaching, speaking and writing, as unlikely as that is. If you’d like to arrange a speaking event, see my speaking page. By donating, you will bring these desires closer to reality, as well as assisting in the regular costs of maintaining the website.

If you like this blog and podcast, you support what I do and why I do it (as explained on the About / Mission Statement page), or you have benefited from the material here and would like to show your appreciation and play a part in supporting me in my endeavours (or just being nice to me and making me feel good about what I do!), feel free to click that link. Think of it like visiting a museum or a church. There is no obligation, but if you like what they’re doing, feel more than welcome to help them do it more.

Glenn Peoples