Dr Glenn Peoples is a graduate in theology (BD, MTheol (distinction) ) and philosophy (PhD) living in Wellington, New Zealand.

Glenn writes on themes in philosophy and theology and occasionally delivers addresses, seminars or lectures in New Zealand and overseas to academics, student groups, private organisations, churches or youth groups. Here is his C.V. The subject matter can be tailored to the audience at any level, and in the past Glenn has spoken on subjects as diverse as:

– God and morality
– The place of faith in public
– Ethical theory
– Human nature (theological or philosophical anthropology)
– Abortion (and other social issues)
– Church history
– Death and the afterlife in Christian theology
– The history of political philosophy
– Justice and human rights
– Reasons to believe

(and he’s always open to suggestions).

If you’d like to discuss the possibility of having Dr Peoples come and speak at an event you’re organising, please get in touch.