Interview on the Theopologetics Podcast


Recently I was interviewed on the Theopologetics podcast, which is run by Chris Date. The title of the episode was “Let’s Get Physical,” and Chris invited me to discuss my belief in physicalism as a philosophy of mind from a Christian and biblical point of view. Check out that episode here, or at the iTunes store.

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2 thoughts on “Interview on the Theopologetics Podcast

  1. This is somewhat off-topic totally irrelevant to the good point that you were making, but I think your example near the end of the interview (Jehovah’s Witnesses being YEC) is factually incorrect. At least the ones I’ve interacted with are OEC and I presume they are following the teaching of their organization there since they’ve made no suggestion that this is controversial within JW circles.

  2. Hmmm, OK, then it’s easy enough to pick another example. The Jehovah’s Witnesses believe in a global flood in Noah’s time, therefore anyone who holds that view is holding a Jehovahs Witness view.

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