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Advice to Christian debaters and speakers


I know, nobody has to take my advice. But I think there needs to be more of a discernment process that people (usually guys) go through before deciding that they are going to be a public face of Christian apologetics or theology. Here’s some free advice, which might be worth every cent you paid for it!


“Gay Conversion Therapy” and other things, with David Riddell


What is Lent All About?


  1. Babylon Falls

    Are you even Christian? Imagine supporting a regime that kills and spits on Christians and still claiming to be a Christian, a post-mil too LOL.
    Liberals worship the gays, and the likes of you worship the star of Remphan.

    «(CNN) — An Israeli military sniper shot and killed two women inside the Holy Family Parish in Gaza on Saturday, according to the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem.

    The mother and daughter were walking to the Sister’s Convent, the patriarchate said, when gunfire erupted. “One was killed as she tried to carry the other to safety,” it added.»

    At least Catholics didn’t give into your vile hatred.

    «’Pope Is Furious’ Over anti-Christian Spitting Incidents, Catholic Church Representative Says»

    • Glenn

      This is completely unhinged and unrelated to anything in this video.

  2. Babylon Falls

    You are the unhinged person here supporting a genocidal State. Even the ICJ ordered an immediate ceasefire, and for Israel to stop killing Palestinians.

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