Looking for an article by Peter Van Inwagen


Hi everyone, this is a request made on the asumption that there are philosophy students, graduates or teachers who read this blog. I’m trying to get hold of a copy of an article by Peter Inwagen called “The Possibility of Resurrection.” It was published in the International Journal for the Philosophy of Religion back in 1978. I used to have access to that Journal online when I was a student, but alas, no longer. The page where I would have accessed it via SpringerLink is here.

The essay has since been published in a book of the same name, but alas, that is out of print.

Does anyone have a copy of this article?

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3 thoughts on “Looking for an article by Peter Van Inwagen

  1. You can get that article (as a part of the book “The Possibility of Resurrection and Other Essays in Christian Apologetic”) and lots of other interesting stuff at Questia Online Library. They have a free trial membership, so you can access the resources free of charge for a short period of time.

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