5 thoughts on “The Queen’s 2011 Christmas message

  1. When she said “a visit from America” I half expected her to say “William Lane Craig”!

  2. (It was a great speech btw – thanks for bringing it to our attention! It’s fantastic to see that Christianity works at a national level too).

  3. Hmm… I am now, Tim. Someone must have gotten worried that Americans might see it! Fixed! I’ve swapped it with another version of the video.

  4. I watched this on Christmas day with my wife’s grandfather, a liberal Presbyterian, oh how that man squirmed.

    At the end of the speech I was stoked, jumped up and did the old fist pump and YEAHed but it also saddened me as that was the best gospel presentation I have heard on TV in NZ.
    It wasn’t perfect but it was a whole lot better than most of the TV preachers I’ve heard.

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