Double Whammy of Kiwi Philosophers in the latest Philosophia Christi


The latest issue of Philosophia Christi – one of my favourite philosophy of religion journals – is out (Volume 13, number 2). Here’s what you’ll see on the back cover:

I’m betting that this is the first time two philosophers from New Zealand have appeared in the same issue of this journal. 🙂

(And as they say, the last shall be first and the first shall be last!)

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20 thoughts on “Double Whammy of Kiwi Philosophers in the latest Philosophia Christi

  1. I would really like to have seen Peter Van Inwagen weigh in for this issue of the journal actually – on abstract objects.

  2. Glenn, it may seem entirely off-topic, but in light of one of the presence above of somebody who deleted several of my comments from his blog without any explanation, despite several polite emails I sent him asking if he could please let me know why, I just want to thank you for not deleting comments 🙂

  3. No problem at all Chris. I have removed some comments from this blog (aside from obvious spam). However, they can be counted on one hand, and this was only ever done when there was a clear understanding that I considered the comment to be in breach of the blog policy that all users agree to follow when commenting (that and one case where my comments were not approved at someone else’s blog even though their comments were being approved here).

    In other words – yeah I’ve done it a few times (and to maintain a decent quality blog sometimes you need to), but the other party always knows why.

  4. I think that’s perfectly appropriate, Glenn, and suffice it to say, my gripe with the commenter above (whom I won’t name, but boy I hope you’re reading this!) is that my comments were certainly not such a breach, nor was I told why. And what REALLY frustrates me is his apparent refusal to respond to my emails. Perhaps I should remove this person’s blogging alias from my emails, and send them to you along with the comments I had attempted to post, and see what you would have done.

    Oh, and congratulations on what you reported in the OP 🙂

  5. Glenn, I emailed you the comments I had attempted to post, and the emails I sent said nameless blogger. Let me know if you think I said something wrong :S

  6. I find it interesting that the comment you just made on the blog post to which I’m referring was approved – and responded to. I added a comment of my own just now; I’ll be interested to see if it’s approved. If it is, I’ll post another comment asking if it was just a mistake that my original comments were deleted.

  7. The story gets more interesting… A few minutes ago, you (Glenn) posted a comment, which was approved, to which the aforementioned blogger responded. So I posted a comment of my own which, to my surprise, was published, and subsequently responded to in response to my comment. So then I post another comment asking if he recalled deleting my comments back on 12/8/2011, pointing out that I had emailed him a couple of times asking if I’d violated some policy. Guess what happens: BOTH comments–the one he had just approved, and the second one–were then deleted immediately.

    Forgive me, Glenn, for hijacking the comments thread and turning it into a complaint about blog censorship, but this is really frustrating.

  8. Chris,

    If I was you I wouldn’t frequent his blog anymore. Also, keep telling everyone what this person is doing and I am sure many will not visit his blog. I have had similar situations in which my comments were deleted/not approved on sites because the administrator disagreed with my view, not because I violated any policy. Very frustrating.

  9. How did you find the process of getting published in PC? I’ve heard some odd things about the peer-review process for this journal and would like to hear if you had any difficulties. Also well done.

  10. Dicky – what sort of odd things, and where did you hear them?

    And thanks.

    (As you answer, bear in mind the blog policy on libel.)

  11. I’ve read half of your paper Glenn. Sometime I’ll get around to reading the other half. Do you know if Morriston has read it?

    By the way, Chris is reluctant to say which blogger has a tendency to delete his comments. I’ll wager a guess: Wintery Knight. WK refused to post (or even acknowledge) a comment of mine regarding his (?) incredibly ridiculous review of the Craig-Law debate. I suspect I’m not the only one who has had this problem with that blog.

    Hopefully this gripe about WK, although out of place in the comment section here on Glenn’s blog, doesn’t violate any policies. I think censorship of that sort really ought to be avoided (and am grateful that Glenn doesn’t practice it here on his blog).

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