The offices of Beretta and Say Hello to my Little Friend are about to undergo relocation. All office staff and volunteers will be off for the next week or so, our sound engineers will be taking a break, all equipment is being moved and the entire organisation is getting a change of scenery.

Yeah, I’m moving house, so the blog will be pretty quiet while we pack and stuff.

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4 thoughts on “Moving

  1. Aw shucks, I thought you were about to tell us you were moving to the USA because you’d landed a teaching job.

  2. Looking forward to hearing the discussion with Stephen Law. In certain regards I think that he raises a very powerful argument against God – or at least the God I believe exists.

    A quick alert to a problem with your blog. It currently does not display properly in the latest version of FireFox (V8.0). And when I say it “does not display properly” I mean that apart from the banner and the navigation bar (which itself doesn’t render correctly) there is not a word to be seen on the screen.

    Something to look into, I think.

  3. Meant to add that my after some quick testing (and I mean quick) your site seemed fine in Chrome and IE 7,8 and 9. No idea about handheld devices or less popular browsers.

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