Episode 054: Life is Good!

Here’s a talk I had the pleasure of giving at Mardon Road Church in Hamilton, in December 2017.

Do you really need a sermon to convince you that being alive is being better than dead? Well if you weren’t sure, hopefully I can talk you around!





7 thoughts on “Episode 054: Life is Good!

  1. Glad you got this sermon up Glenn, since I was on ‘kid duty’ when you came and spoke at Mardon Road church. Really enjoyed what you shared.

  2. You asked for feedback on whether you should post your recorded talks on your podcast feed. I think you should. I find it easier to listen to podcasts than read blogs. I think you should link to the podcast on Twitter when it is released as well (I’ve found interesting podcasts this way). Thanks for the podcasts so far. I hear they can take a lot of time to do well.

  3. God, I’ve missed these podcasts. Definitely post your recorded talks, Glenn. This one was excellent, as always.

    In response to people who say death isn’t a big deal, or that it is even desirable, I contend that nobody wants to die. Not even people who commit suicide want to die; they just want to escape their pain. If before taking their life someone could magically offer them a pain free existence (curing whatever pain they’re trying to escape), they would immediately say ‘Yes, do it! I want to live!’

  4. Say Hello to My Little Friend has ressurected!
    Excellent podcast.
    I will admit I have had these thoughts in life about death. ‘So what if I die?’… Mostly when things do not go well. I really appreciate the uplifting message, it would be awesome if you could do more podcasts or upload sermons!

  5. Thank you for posting another podcast episode. Just as they have been in the past, this one was excellent! Keep them coming. AS others have commented, I too prefer listening over reading a blog. It makes my drive to work much better and certainly engages my mind over topics worth thinking about.

  6. I just recently began listening to your podcasts and are really appreciating them. God bless you there in New Zealand from here in Texas!!

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