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It is finished


Just in case anyone cares, which I am inclined to doubt, I have finished my PhD.

My PhD Thesis in philosophy, titled: Religion in the Public Square: Liberal Political Philosophy and the Place of Religious Convictions, was handed in today at the philosophy department of the University of Otago.

It is finished.


Was Rawls a Relativist? I think so.


Michael Laws vs Tonga. Laws wins.


  1. Congrats on getting it finished!

  2. Congrats! Welcome to the world of extra letters!

    – Dr. Ron

  3. Tim

    Congrats — now on to the next step, which is of course getting a job. Ahh yes, ’tis the season already …

  4. Rob

    Next time you hand a paper in be sure to call the next day and see if anyone took the paper out of the box.

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