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Yo Blair!


I saw it on TV tonight – Tony Blair and George W. Bush talking candidly at the G8 summit, with a microphone accidentally left on. The whole world got to hear Bush say “Yo Blair” as he greeted the British Prime Minister. They also got to hear that Blair had given Bush a sweater as a gift, which he claimed to have knitted. Interesting.

But of course the real highlight is that Bush said the s word! Okay, so it won’t get him into the kind of trouble it got Nixon into. In fact, most internet news sources aren’t even editing it like Nixon’s [EXPLETIVE DELETED] comments. But it was a little unexpected, even if he was talking about Assyria getting Hezbollah to “stop that s**t.” I suppose somebody could always splice it up a little and have Bush saying “Yo Blair, thanks for the threads. When are Hezbollah gonna stop wit dat s**t?”

But that aside, I can’t see what the fuss is about. They are saying to each other exactly what they say to the world about their views on the middle east. Check out the poll on the CNN page at the link above. The question is asked – whose reputation is damaged more by the incident? So far, the majority of people have voted for the fourth option – the reputations of both were enhanced! Well I guess if anything it shows that right or wrong, they aren’t duplicitous.


Dennett. Yawn, says Jack Miles.


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  1. Matt Tucker

    I don’t get the fuss, either – this is what I l*like* about Bush: he’s up-front and doesn’t sugar-coat what he thinks!

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