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Embarrassing BSOD attacks (or sometimes truth slips out when you least want it to)


For those who aren’t familiar with the term BSOD, you’re not even close to geekdom. For those who have, you’ll know that it stands for “Blue Screen of Death.” Anyone who doesn’t know what that mean is even further from Geekdom. Either that, or you’ve never used Microsoft Windows.

Thanks Dee Dee Warren, for bringing this classic video clip to my attention. This was just prior to the release of Windows 98:
It’s not the only such public moment for Mr Gates, as Conan O’Brian found out (thanks $cirisme):

EDIT: You’re not gonna believe this. Well OK, you are. Right after I finished this blog entry, my wife was reading through it, and guess what happened? BSOD, that’s what!


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  1. and this is why we dont use windows…

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