Well, it’s been a while but I’m back. I’ve just uploaded a new article in the philosophy section. “Is There an Echo in Here? Critiques of God based Ethics.”

It’s about the weak point in modern moral philosophy. Open any mainstream textbook on ethical theory, whether it’s by Singer, Timmons, Rachels, or Pojman (and many others), and turn to the section on religiously grounded ethics. Bingo, you found the weak point.

Philosophers – even those who specialise in ethics – lower their standards when it comes to religion. Straw men abound, and ignorance reigns supreme. In spite of the fact that the last forty years as seen a vast literature in philosophy of religion on the relationship between God and morality, especially divine command theories of ethics, the same old tired objections keep getting trotted out with absolutely no interaction with this literature. Heck, I guess religious theories are so stupid that it doesn’t matter how we convince people to reject them, as long as we do. Right?