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It is done – for real this time!


Some time ago (good grief, it was over a year ago now) I announced that I had completed my PhD thesis in philosophy.

WELL… it has been a bit of a saga since then, and I haven’t wanted to say too much until it was all out of the way. First there were delays in having it submitted properly, and then most importantly I ended up having to make all sorts of revisions to the thesis. It was a longer and more demanding process than I had hoped. BUT, after much hand wringing and anticipation, I received word today that all three of my PhD examiners have agreed that the thesis should pass, and that I should receive the degree of PhD in philosophy.

I’m not Dr yet, and I won’t be until graduation, but now at least I can say that there IS a graduation in the near future! Many prayers have been answered.


The Liberal Theocracy?


Libertarianism vs traditional morality? No!


  1. Rob

    Congrats. Glenn. A major acheivement. So what do you plan to do next? What was your thesis topic btw?

  2. semmie

    glenn!!! congrats!! i’m so proud of you! yaaaaaay!

  3. Glenn

    Thanks 🙂

    Rob, next I apply for as many jobs as possible. I’m currently working as manager of a small bookstore, so I’ll be doing that for the next little while. It’s so late in the year that there won’t be any positions starting in early ’08. That means the earliest I’ll be able to land a full time post is mid 2008. We’d actually like to go to the states, and positions there do start in the middle of the year, as that’s when their academic year begins, so that is where my energy will be focused. My immediate concern is the first half of 2008, however, as this bookstore job is not going to last. So now I’m doing two things – applying for lots of American jobs and keeping an eye out for something to do in the meantime before that works out.

  4. Kristian Joensen

    Well congratulations on finishing the thesis. What else do you need to do to graduate ? I am assuming there will be e defense of some kind of the thesis, is there anything else left ?

  5. Glenn

    Well, I have finished too late in the year to attend the December Graduation, so it looks like I won’t actually graduate in May. I could decide to graduate in absentia in December (i.e. just get the degree without attending), but I’d rather not do that, as I didn’t attend my Bachelors or Masters graduation.

    There’s no oral defense of the thesis. All i have to do now is submit hard bound copies, so the thesis has been printed and sent to the binder.

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