This came to my attention today, and it’s worth a read.

It’s some commentary by Paul Jaminet over at the BrothersJudd blog on a review of Jeremy Waldron’s book, God, Locke and Equality, which is probably my favourite book on John Locke and political philosophy.

Interestingly, the review that Jaminet is commenting on, originally by Victor Nuovo, makes the comment:

Since contemporary liberal theory, at least in its dominant Rawlsian version, excludes Christian theism, along with all sorts of comprehensive moral outlooks, religious or secular, from political discussion, [Waldron’s campaign for the contemporary political relevance of Locke’s theism] must show that this exclusion is self-defeating.

It’s rewarding to see people saying that this is what’s required to be done, since this was one of the chief contentions in my recent PhD thesis.