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9/11, eight years on


Another anniversary has just passed – the anniversay of the attack on the World Trade Cente, the Pentagon, and an uncertain third target (which, thankfully, was never struck, as the passengers fought back, bringing flight United 93 to a fiery end in a field in Pennysylvania).

There’s little I can add to what everyone else in the world is saying. It was awful, the loss was incredible, the impact on human history, on the way we view security, the way the world sees Islam (rightly or otherwise), is irreversible.

The smoking twin towers of 9/11 are permanently etched into the gallery of iconic images that remind us of the human capacity to commit unthinkable deeds against our fellow man.

PS: It does make me a little sad, however, that the 6th and 9th of August passed recently, and I never saw a word about the anniversay of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. This, no less, is another event that should make us vow “never again.” Nor, for that matter, do we mourn on the anniversary of the allied bombing of Dresden. It seems that our own atrocities are best not remembered.

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  1. Amy

    The vast difference between Hiroshima and the attack on the Twin Towers being that it was an act of declared war…with much forewarning to the Japanese. The attack on New York City was terrorism. Not the same things at all.

  2. MichelleM

    I’m simultaneously fascinated and horrified by what we do, even more so when I think of what I’m capable of when left to my own devices.

  3. Amy, nobody is saying that all circumstances surrounding Hiroshima and 9/11 were the same. All I have said is that they share one thing in common: They remind us of the human capacity to commit unthinkable deeds against our fellow man. Both were unspeakably evil.

    Imagine that 9/11 was carried out in the name of a declared war. It would be just as terrible and evil.

  4. Kenny

    Well said Glenn.

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