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Christmas with both barrels


OK, this guy is officially awesome:


Merry Mithras!


Theological Liberalism: Relevant or Pathetic?


  1. Tuckster

    Holy smokes, listen to what the narrator says at ~1:20. Santa Claus is “the symbol of Christmas”? Exmas vs. Crissmas indeed!

  2. Ha!

    I agree with doing away with the myth of Santa Claus. I think if you lie to your kids about Santa, it can destroy their trust in you.

  3. Dan

    True story: my sister stormed out into the family room while I was visiting home last Christmas and started yelling at me. “Do you know what your [5 yr old] daughter just said to her cousins?!!!? I just heard her say “Santa Claus isn’t real anyway, and besides that he’s dead.”” Apparently my daughter had taken our historical lesson on St. Nicholas to heart and wanted to make sure there was absolutely no room for doubt.

    That said, I think that the analogy in the video fails — I see Santa as more of a Baal than a moneylender, and I can’t see the equivalence of a whip of cords and a shotgun. Other than that, bravo.

  4. Derek

    One lady says they’re worried about the children. So many horrible freedom-destroying laws have been enacted on behalf of the vague notion “for the children.”

    Children are a paradox in and of themselves. They are so fragile in some ways, but so resilient in others. This display of Jesus w/ the shotgun isn’t going to traumatize any children. At worst, they’ll be sad for a bit, but they’ll forget about it soon enough.

    Misplaced worry and being overprotective help nobody.

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