OK, so as you know things have been quiet on the podcast front lately. We’re pretty busy getting ready to move house next week plus I’ve got a couple of other commitments at the moment. But here’s what’s coming up:

First, there’s the series In Search of the Soul that I will (I promise!) be finishing. The next episode will be on physicalism, the one after that will be on the problem of resurrection, and then the final episode in the series will look briefly at the issue from a biblical perspective.

After that, I plan the next podcast episode to be on the descensus ad Infernos, Christ’s (supposed) descent into hell, expressed in a rather late entry into the Apostles’ Creed (although never actually taught by the Apostles). I’ll have a few things to say on the history of the doctrine and I’ll explain why I don’t think that Christians should affirm it.

Before I get around to this, however, I will be preaching at our church on the evening of the 12th of July, right after we’ve moved into our new place. I’ll be preaching on Psalm 69. I’ll record the message and release it here as a podcast.

My blogging output will be pretty low until after we’ve moved into our new place, so sit tight!