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How the UN deals with climate sceptics


By reason! No…. wait… that’s not it…. Ah yes, politics and force.

Props to Whale Oil for drawing my attention to this.


Lord Winston: New Zealand doesn't value its intellectuals


Desperate for relevance at Christmas


  1. Dan

    The heartening thing about this video is that it shows that it might be harder to run a police state in the face of widespread internet and videocameras. A surveillance society might not be wholly bad as long as the state does not have a monopoly on surveillance.

  2. Goodness! You can see why people call Global Warming a religion after that!

  3. Phelim McAleer is one of two individuals who has just produced a film on the subject of Global Warming, titled, “Not Evil Just Wrong”… You can find more details here…

    Another video that one may find quite illuminating can be found here…

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