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My new favourite bookstore


I don’t usually advertise sellers of goods or services here, but this is something that academics and people interested in good scholarly resources are likely to be very interested in.

My new favourite bookstore in the world is the Book Depository. The price is very competitive with Amazon (I just paid about two New Zealand dollars more at the book depository for this book), but the reason I don’t generally buy from Amazon is the cost of shipping. What was a good deal becomes more expensive than buying locally because the cost of shipping is so high.

Here’s the thing: The book depository doesn’t charge for shipping. Yeah, you might think you read that wrong, but no, you didn’t. Shipping is free, worldwide. That makes it easily the cheapest place to buy new books. If you live in the states where you can already pay the same price that you get on Amazon, sweet. But if you don’t live there, and you end up either paying more locally, or paying high shipping  costs to buy from an overseas seller, this has to be the best option available to you.

They’re not paying me to tell you this, I just discovered this store and I was so impressed that I thought you might like to know. 🙂


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  1. Six days later and the book is here – from the UK. Not only free postage, but FAST free postage!

  2. I love the BD, and agree there shipping is fast. Much faster than any book I’ve got from Amazon.

    And if you want to compare the price of the book you brought at the Book Depository with NZ bookstores check out:

    Disclaimer: is a pet project of mine. It’s a semi-commercial site i.e. it may one day make enough money to buy a book off on of the sites it compares but that’s not it’s purpose.

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