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Performance Issues


Each month my blog goes through a cranky period. Yes, you read that right (almost as bad as Moody Monthly, the once publication of Moody Bible Institute). Yes, I have performance issues.

That’s because every month I exceed my bandwidth allowance on my hosting plan and when that happens things slow down. I already have what, for me, is an expensive plan, at $24.95 per month, which includes my domain name (that’s $299.40 per annum). That only gets me 8 Gigabytes of data transfer (bandwidth) per month, and I always exceed that – which is nice, of course. Details of my hosting plan are here.

I’m looking to upgrade to something that gives me a little more room, because the site slowing down really isn’t a good thing. Here’s what I would be looking for at a minimum:

  • New Zealand Based
  • Linux based
  • 10 Gigabytes of storage (I must be able to store all my podcast eps on the server (not at a free storage site), and I am about to exceed my 2Gig limit here)
  • Ideally at least 30 Gigabytes of bandwidth before performance is impacted (I always exceed my 8GB limit, currently using around 13GB in a light month, close to 19-20GB in a busy month)
  • Domain based email
  • MySQL
  • The usual php capabilities
  • A straight-forward control panel, preferably similar to the widely used Plesk control panel (Plesk itself would be great)

Are you in a position to help? Perhaps you know of a better deal than I’m currently getting. Perhaps you can offer a better deal than I’m currently getting. If either of these is the case, please let me know.


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  1. I can help..

    I’ll email you 😛

  2. I was about to say contact Geoff …

  3. $70 USD pa from would get you an excellent package incl. domain name. Not hosted in NZ, but they’re cheap and reliable.

  4. OK, I’ve been involved in highly secretive (not really) talks with a shady character (not really), and there’s a plan in place. In November this site will be moving to a new server.

  5. Jared

    Warum sind Ihren helptext auf Deutsch?

  6. Dan, die deutsche Sprache klingt sehr gelehrt und intelligent. Auch wer auch immer bildete dieses Thema, dass ich verwendete deutsche Wörter verwende, und ich habe es nicht geändert.

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