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Dr Glenn Peoples on Abortion, Morality and Law

Canterbury student group Prolife UC have organised for Dr Glenn Peoples to deliver some free public lectures at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch on Abortion, Morality and Law.

Thursday 30th July 7.30 pm
“Chasing the Justificatory Goalpost: Public Justification and Religious Beliefs”

There is a broad political tradition that we are a part of that we could call “the liberal democracy.” Some modern thinkers allege that in a liberal democratic society like ours, we should not advocate policies or ideas in the public square that are justified by our religious beliefs (e.g. policies on abortion, marriage, education etc). This is because these people advocate a principle of justification, whereby all policies must be justifiable to our fellow citizen in a certain way, and (as everyone knows, of course!) all policies that are justified by our religious beliefs cannot be justified to our fellow citizens in this way. Dr Peoples will look at exactly what this principle of justification is, whether it is any good (he will argue that it needs improvement), and most importantly, will ask whether or not it is really true that policies that have a religious basis really do fail to be justified in this way.

Friday 31st July 7.30pm
“Abortion, Morality and Law”
Is abortion immoral, and should it be legal? The abortion controversy is a persistent one in New Zealand that has seen revived interest lately. Dr Glenn Peoples will provide reasons for deeming abortion immoral and for its legal restriction. He will also consider some arguments for abortion rights and explain how to address these, demonstrating that they overlook the fundamental moral issues involved.

Where: A3 lecture theatre, University of Canterbury, Christchurch (map and more info here)


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  1. Raphael

    Hey Glenn,

    Will you be able to make audio recordings of the lectures available in some way (maybe for purchase) afterwards?

    I doubt I can talk my bosses into sending me down to Chch for Thursday/Friday, and I can’t afford plane tickets right now.

  2. Raphael, yes I will be recording the talks. I can’t imagine selling them, but I’ll certainly be uploading them as podcast episodes.

  3. Raphael

    I look forward to listening to them

  4. Hi, Glenn, just discovered your blog via the article you wrote in response to Ian Harris’ usual illogical approach to anything and everything.

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