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Over on the right hand side of the page you might have noticed something new:

It’s a button that allows you to give this site a “thumbs up” via stumbleupon, a site that lists and ranks websites and blogs. If you like this blog and podcast, please feel free to stumble me!


Nuts and Bolts 003: Analytic and Synthetic Truth


August Blog Stats are Out


  1. Done – thumbed up and reviewed (reviews are the gold for SU).

    What is your user name on SU? You can find mine from the review on your site.

  2. Yes, I’ve reviewed MandM ­čÖé My username is BerettaNZ.

  3. Weird, I cannot find you on Stumble. It says we have 3 reviews but only two are showing.

  4. Weird. I can find it when I follow your direct link – thanks heaps for your awesome words – but when I click on the 3 reviews for MandM I can only see 2. Bizarre.

    Still all good as it has had the desired effect on the ranking I was concerned with.

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