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Three years on…


Whoops, I missed it by a couple of days.

On Friday the 26th of May 2006, the first ever blog entry appeared at Say Hello to my Little Friend. Has it really been that long? Actually, the first one you see was meant to be the second one. Being a bit of a blogging newbie, and insisting on installing the blog on my own domain, I managed to screw something up and lose the very first blog entry, which contained an introduction to the blog plus a short tribute to the then recently deceased Ron Nash.

Those were the old days when I didn’t even have a podcast! The first episode (a test episode) of the Say Hello to my Little Friend came on the 20th of May 2008, nearly two years after the blog started. Time flies! Although there is (obviously) still a blog here and hopefully a relatively interesting one at that (last I heard it was in the top 50 New Zealand blogs), the podcast has become the main attraction here (it rose quickly to become New Zealand’s top Christian podcast, which is a scary fact – and one that brings extra expenses).

I wish I had more time and resources to put into the blog and podcast, and I hope that my career direction in the not too distant future (sigh) will make that possible, but I think it’s fair to say that after three years things aren’t too shabby. I don’t know how long I would have kept it up had there been no signs of people actually reading and listening, which has been really encouraging. I’ve been blown away by some of the feedback I’ve received via my contact page (click “Main Site” in the right hand column to go to the front page where you can get to the contact page). So thanks to all of you who follow this blog and keep me going! Remember, if any of you want to write something for the site or the blog, let me know.

Thanks for being a part of this endeavour!



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  1. Glenn,

    In blog years, a third anniversary is a career. Congratulations and thanks for the work (not only the work you put into it, but the work you make my mind do).

  2. Tuckster

    I was thinking the same thing recently, Glenn, because I was searching your blog (I forget for what) and I came across a comment from myself(!) from a couple of years ago. I was like, has this blog really been around that long? I remember when he started it!

    It’s one of my favourites. 😉

  3. Pat

    Keep up the good work!!! There are atheists out there who want you to continue this effort!

  4. It has been over four years now!

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