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We're number 27! We're number 27!


OK, so it lacks a bit of rhetorical punch, but it’s true. We’re number 27. While the most popular aspect of this site is probably the podcast, which a lot of listeners access via the itunes store, the blog itself isn’t too shabby either. Apparently it’s the 27th most popular blog (not podcast) in New Zealand. Each month you can check out New Zealand’s blog rankings over at “Something Should Go here, Maybe Later,” the halfdone blog, HERE.


Episode 029: Is Abortion Immoral, and Should it be Illegal?


Nuts and Bolts 002: (numerical) Identity


  1. Well done 🙂

    Now you do realise you are not allowed to progress past the number 6 spot?

  2. Ken

    Glenn – what about putting a sitemeter on the blog, making the stats public, and then I can incorporate it into the sitemeter ranking list (
    That will give you a daily update on site visits and page views.

    You will also rank higher than 27 as we only have, at this stage, about 90 blogs.

  3. Ken

    Looks like commenting is currently working for me.

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