I recently installed a new “Most Popular Posts” widget in the sidebar. It measures popularity by pageviews, not by the number of comments. The trouble is, it only started measuring a few days ago when I installed it, so the posts currently showing as the most popular are really only the most popular posts iver the last few days – namely the newest posts. However, in my WordPress control panel – the one you can’t see – it lists the posts that got the most attention over the last year. The most visited post was my anouncement that William Lane Craig had debated Christopher Hitchens and that the mp3 was available online – only to have to later point out that it was not going to be online after all due to copyright issues. After that one, here are the posts that were visited the most:

  1. Einstein v the Church v Galileo? In which I explained why, in modern terms, it is as legitimate to speak about the sun going around the earth as it is to speak about the earth going around the sun.
  2. Climate scientists caught lying in which we saw the stormy departure of Ken “tell the truth” Perott. Sniff.
  3. Brian Tamaki and Destiny Church – When Cults Fill the Void In which I made comments on what many regarded as some worrying development’s in brian Tamaki’s Destiny Church
  4. Nuts and Bolts 001: What is knowledge? In which I kicked off the “Nuts and Bolts” series, introducing the fundamental concepts and terms in philosophy (and in future, in theology as well).
  5. No, I am not an inerrantist in which I put out of joint the noses of some of my evangelical fellows, as I may also have done with my follow up, Errantly Assuming Inerrancy in History.
  6. On homeschooling and difficult decisions in which I explained my firm endorsement of homeschooling, but also explained why we were making some lifestyle changes and sending our children to school.
  7. David Bain, reasonable doubt and defamation which was one of a number of posts prompted by the public attention given to David Bain’s not guilty verdict. This one looked at the issue of whether it is a case of defamation when someone expresses their belief that the jury got it wrong.
  8. David Bain and the meaning of a “Not Guilty” verdict
  9. Galileo part 2. Yes folks, he was wrong. This was a followup to the earlier post on this subject.
  10. Episode 023: Imagine There’s No Heaven, a podcast episode in which I challenged my fellow evangelical Christians to have another look at what the Bible says about the future life, stop thinking about “heaven,” and to start thinking in much more radical, biblical terms.

I know, the ranking’s not really fair, because recent posts can’t possibly have accumulated enough visits to rival the posts that have been up for over ten months. So, here’s the ranking for the last 30 days:

  1. Stephen Pinker comes clean: It’s not about science, it’s about atheism
  2. Merry Mithras!
  3. Kid and his dad: 1, Global Warming: 0
  4. Desperate for relevance at Christmas
  5. Laidlaw College: Mark Strom is moving on
  6. Science Says: We’re heading for a revival!
  7. Climategate – How the scientific community is responding
  8. Hume on Induction and Miracles: Having a bob each way?
  9. Nuts and Bolts 005: Ethical Naturalism
  10. Hanegraaf on Annihilationism

So there you have it, the greatest hits of 2009! Thanks for reading (and listening).