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Jim Spiegel’s “Blog Tour”


I mentioned not long ago that I had some contact with Jim Spiegel of Taylor University. Jim kindly offered to have a copy of his new book The Making of an Atheist sent to me, and I’ll be posting a review here. I’m not alone, actually, and a number of really good blogs on Christian apologetics and related subjects will be having their say on the book too. They are as follows:

Blog Name Blogger Posting Date Content of Post
EPS Blog Joe Gorra February 10-12 Interview
Cloud of Witnesses Chris Reese February 14-16 Interview Rich Park February 22-24 Review
Truthbomb Apologetics Chad Gross February 25-27 Review
Triablogue Peter Pike March 1-3 Review
Apologetics 315 Brian Auten March 4-6 Review & Interview
Mike Austin’s blog Mike Austin March 8-10 Review
The Seventh Sola Joel Griffith March 11-13 Review
EPS Blog Steve Cowan March 15-17 Review
Evangel and TeamPyro Frank Turk TBD Review/Interview
Doug Geivett’s blog Doug Geivett March 22-24 Interview / Giveaway
Say Hello to my Little Friend Glenn Peoples March 25-27 Review Jim Wallace March 29-31 Review
Just Thinking William Dicks April 1-3 Interview & Review
Oversight of Souls Ray Van Neste April 5-7 Review
Constructive Curmudgeon Doug Groothuis April 8-10 Review
A-Team Blog Roger Overton April 12-14 Review

Do check these blogs out as the book does the “blog tour.”


Scepticism, Open Mindedness and Mistrust


Aquinas and his “Moral Argument”


  1. Elizie

    Clever way to promote a new book. Will definitely have to check it out.

  2. Yes, I must do the same!

  3. Rob R

    I just read a part spiegal’s book at He points out that many unbelievers disbelieve in order to justify (or detract the shame from) their immoral behavior. Even though he quotes those unbelievers, I’m not sure this is accurate. Perphaps it is for some people, but I suspect that the relationship goes the other way and I say this reflecting on the life of John Loftus.

    Loftus doesn’t use his unbelief as an excuse and he regrets this failure in his life (if I recall and interpret correctly) even though it is part of his unbelief that he suggests that it was inevitable for him.

    I think the the important relationship here of his immorality to his unbelief is that this kind of failure was a contributor to the lack of emotional fortitude to persevere through the intellectual problems he had with his faith toward a more satisfactory understanding.

  4. Rob, I think the events you refer to have an obvious interpretation that aligns with Spiegel’s observations.

  5. John Heller

    Sounds like Ray Comfort’s attack on atheism.

  6. John, wait, you think this is an attack on the truth of atheism?

  7. John Heller

    Do you like Ray Comfort? He would be one of the most well known Kiwi theologians.

  8. John, among New Zealand theologians, Ray Comfort is – while accepted as a well meaning brother – not regarded as a “theologian.”

    Why the interest in Ray Comfort, if I may ask?

  9. John Heller

    Just exploring NZ Christian theology and philosophy of religion-why I am here on your site.

    Perhaps a post on Ray?

  10. Well, Ray Comfort is well liked by some evangelical readers of popular (“fluff”) Christian books, but his name would never even come up in a more serious or academic context. He is seen by many as a bit of a clown.

    With all due respect to him, I’m unlikely to devote a blog post to him unless he says something interesting.

  11. … Still waiting for the book to arrive, I hope it’s here in time for me to read it before my timeslot arrives!

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