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Oxford: Nearly there!


Hi all!

Some time ago now I announced that I would be speaking at a conference at the University of Oxford in late August if I could raise the funds. That announcement is HERE.

As you can see via the thermometer over on the right hand side, we’re getting there. A big chunk of the funds that have come in have been generous donations from readers of this blog. Thank you so much. Without this support, this speaking event just could not happen. The time has come where I really need to get the plane ticket before prices get a lot higher. However, a part of what is showing as received in that thermometer (just over $1000 of it, in fact) has been promised but not received yet. It’s a portion that I will receive by reimbursement some time after I’ve spent the money. This means that while I’m getting there, I’m not quite there yet.

So, if you’ve been aware of this speaking engagement but been undecided on whether or not you wanted to offer any support, now would be a fantastic time! I hope to be able to get the tickets within the next week. While the actual cost of the ticket isn’t set in stone yet (I’m having a quote put together now), it will be somewhere between $3250 and $3600. As this needs to happen whether I get any further support or not, I’ll do what it takes to get the ticket as soon as the quote is complete (i.e. I’ll use temporary credit, just because this is worth it). If this were World War I (which, let’s face it, it’s not), now is the time to go over the top. One last push and we’ll be there.

For those who have shown generosity to me in this endeavour, again, thank you so much. Your support means a lot.


Flannagan v Bradley


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  1. Pat

    Is Ruth going with you?

  2. Pat, that would be awesome, but no, we could never afford that.

  3. Pat

    Does she have any overseas trips planned for her writing?

  4. Go hard Glenn – we are praying for you.

  5. Pat, not as yet, no. We expect that to change in time 🙂

    Thanks Madeleine!

  6. Sid

    It’s very encouraging to see this happening!

  7. After one final conversation and act of generosity today, it’s done. Not all of the donations are in yet, but when you count everything already received, plus the couple of pledges made but not yet received (including the reimbursement mentioned earlier), we’ve made it, covering the full cost, right down to the last dollar.

    A huge thank you goes out to everyone who was part of the effort. I’m grateful and humbled by the kindness that people have shown me. Now I need to work on making this trip worth every cent and more!

  8. Pat

    Awesome! Kids now annoying you to bring back stuff for them?

  9. congrats, have fun

  10. Anon

    Oxford, ready or not, he’s coming 😛

  11. Well done Glenn and everyone who supported you to get there. I am so stoked to hear this news, praise God!

    We are praying for you that this trip will open doors.

  12. Well done Glenn, hope you enjoy Oxford.

  13. MichelleM

    I’m so glad!

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