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The Peanut Butter Argument Against Evolution?


Dear creationists,

Please don’t ever ever ever do this again.



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Podcast en route!


  1. Phil C

    Is this genuine?!

  2. well, i’m finally convinced . . .

    . . . that Missler is totally insane.

    Did I hear that he was moving to NZ to live? *shudder*

  3. Phil, yes. It is genuine.

  4. David

    I can’t believe I just wasted two minutes of my life watching that video.

    Anybody got any brain bleach to spare?

  5. So…are you the problem or the solution?

    Glenn…you have wasted my time. I hereby revoke 5,000 of your Magic SemBlog Points.

    I still love you.

  6. CPE Gaebler

    I really, really, really wish when he opened that jar, something nasty came out šŸ˜›

    Woulda served him right, for the terrible mental agony watching that video put me through.

  7. Kenny

    Hey, it’s as good of an argument as Humean arguments against miracles. The reasoning is exactly the same.

  8. CPE Gaebler

    Welll, I don’t exactly have a high opinion of Humean arguments against miracles either, y’know. šŸ˜‰

  9. Kenny

    Exactly šŸ™‚

  10. Glenn, what specifically do you not like about this video?

    I don’t think the presentation suits everyone, but it seems your complaint is not about style, rather substance.

    I note that this is about abiogenesis not macro-evolution, but that is just quibbling.

    Consider the Miller-Urey experiment, it has been hailed as significant by evolutionists for decades despite being artificial, producing virtually nothing of substance, and completely failing to address the coding issue which is the crux of the problem.

    Abiogenesis proposals suggest a more barren landscape than peanut butter, These proposals are put forward in all seriousness Yet peanut butter starts with all the nucleotide-bases, amino acids, and several enzymes to boot, but should that work to its advantage?

    Abiogenesis was seriously considered a few hundred years ago. Disproved experimentally by Pasteur and no convincing contrary evidence since, such that panspermia is proposed by Nobel laureates.

    I may not direct people to this particular video, but it seems to be just a variation of the frog in a blender argument.

  11. Bethyada, it is not a quibble to point out that even at the fundamental level of subject matter, the argument has been screwed up. The whole clip is designed to attack evolution, and yet it’s based on a comment about abiogenesis. Just imagine if I criticised Christianity by pointing out that Muhammed got a prophecy wrong! It would not be quibbling to point out that I was attacking the wrong belief set. So a complete reponse to this clip could stop right there. Someone could tap the makers of this piece on the shoulder and say “seriously, you’re not even talking about the right thing. That’s embarrassing.”

    What’s more, even if I decided to pretend that they had never mentioned evolution at all, and really this was a clip about abiogenesis, they’d still be in trouble. Peanut butter in a jar on a shelf is weeks old. No proponent of abiogenesis would say that life happened that quickly.

    What’s more, a proponent of abiogenesis does not just say that any physical environment is an equally likely site for the origin of life. In fact they would say that the circumstances are extremely rare indeed, and to just pick peanut butter and to expect abiogenesis to occur in the one little place we choose to observe is intellectually insulting!

    That’s like saying “Oh, quasars exist, huh? Well alright, I’m going to scour the surface of every moon in our solar system to see if I can find one.” Who says they happen on moons? Similarly, why would any proponent of abiogenesis grant that a jar of peanut butter is an environment where the precise conditions for life are met?

    I didn’t really expect to have to explain why the video is so bizarre!

  12. Kenny

    I’m fairly certain that abiogenesis does take place in our refrigerator from time to time. It also wouldn’t surprise me if some of our cleanings have resulted in the annihilation of highly advanced civilizations that had evolved in there from the ground up. In fact, Iā€™d better get to cleaning again soon, before the life forms within develop the technology to fight back!

  13. Well maybe in YOUR fridge Kenny!

  14. Rob R

    Kenny, I’m disgusted at your ethnocentric views against peanut-butter evolved civilizations.

    In the name of multiculturalism I demand you leave your fridge alone!

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