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Yes Dr Pruss it’s funny, just not in the right way.


Alexander Pruss recently presented this “fun argument for dualism” at his blog:

  1. (Premise) Our embodiment is universally seen as funny.
  2. (Premise, justified inductively by 1) Our embodiment is objectively funny.
  3. (Premise) The essence of the funny is incongruity.
  4. (Premise) If materialism is true, there is no incongruity in our embodiment.
  5. (Premise) If materialism is false, then dualism is true.
  6. There is incongruity in our embodiment. (2 and 3)
  7. Materialism is false. (4 and 6)
  8. Dualism is true. (5 and 7)

My reply: Don’t ever do that again, or anything like it.


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  1. Kenny

    Amen to that!

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