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Apologetics 315 interviews Glenn Peoples on God and Morality


As I mentioned at the blog a while back, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Brian Auten over at Apologetics 315 on the topic of God and Morality. Brian has been uploading his recorded interviews to Youtube, so for those who haven’t heard that interview yet, here it is:

Head on over to Apologetics 315 and check out the rest of Brian’s material.

After having this interview I decided I needed to say a bit more about Robert Adams and the social nature of moral obligation, which I then did in the podcast, episode 40: God and the Social Nature of Obligation.


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  1. Roy

    This was an important interview for me … this is where I was introduced to Glenn Peoples (and his strange ideas ;-)). As a result, I’ve had some major shifts in thinking: annihiliationism; physicalism (still have some questions); no heaven either – but ressurection. Thanks again for your top work Glenn!

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