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Mission Statement


As of yesterday, I have a mission statement.

A reader contacted me and commented that he wasn’t able to find one at the website. Well, that’s because there wasn’t one. From time to time I offer a vague comment about just what it is I’m trying to do via this blog, but there was really nowhere where I state it succinctly in an easy to find place. And now there is (see the About / Mission link above, or the button over on the right). This is what I want to do with this blog and podcast:

Mission Statement

Say Hello to my Little Friend exists to serve several ends:

Firstly, to provoke readers and listeners to critically engage philosophy, theology and biblical studies as they relate to academia, culture, history and the most important questions in life.

Secondly, to demonstrate – and to encourage others to demonstrate themselves – that a perspective of Christian belief is not only compatible with the above, but absolutely conducive to it as an intellectually defensible worldview that has much to commend itself to the honest and fair minded critic.

Thirdly, to challenge fellow Christians to be genuinely self critical in their acceptance of theological or philosophical traditions, and to be willing to scrutinise those traditions with a mind to being faithful to truth, to Scripture and ultimately to God.

These ends are met in a variety of ways – through blog entries, discussions in blog comments, direct discussion with readers, through the podcast, publication of articles as prompted by issues that arise here, speaking engagements and face to face with readers and listeners at events.

So now you know! Thanks for the email, Roy.


Work in progress


Miriam, granddaughter of Caiaphas


  1. Oh Jolly good.

  2. I think Dr. Joel Green, based on his comments in our recent discussion on my podcast, would really appreciate this.

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