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Got a good link to share? Have a look at my links page and see what’s there: Other blogs on theology, philosophy, biblical studies and related subjects. There’s also a section for organisations or websites that aren’t blogs, but which are still focused on these subject areas. There’s also a section for blogs that aren’t necessarily directly about academic theology or philosophy, but which are still intelligent blogs in some way connected to the themes explored at this site. These might include things as diverse as music, mental health, spirituality, education, physical wellbeing or art, and I would expect blogs in this category to look at these issues from a broadly (orthodox) Christian point of view – the more academic blogs need not always do this.

If there’s a link that you think fits well on the list, this is the place to suggest it! (You can also do this any time by contacting me.) The kind of blogs that I’m looking for need to be well-written, they should be designed to promote irenic discussion (angry rants have their place in the world to be sure, but I’m not looking for blogs that are full of them) , and they will ideally not be too partisan (for example, if it’s a Christian blog I prefer that the owners do not demand on pain of heresy that contributors adhere to the catechism of the Catholic Church, or all of the Westminster Standards – I’m an ecumenical kind of guy, and if it’s an atheist blog, make it a respectable one – citations of Richard Carrier or “Acharya S” will not help their cause). I do make the occasional exception for the sake of fairness, including blogs that I both disagree with and which I think are somewhat partisan, but are interesting nonetheless. I’ll leave it up to you to guess which ones they are!

Let’s have your suggestions! I make no promises to include anything, but if you don’t ask, you never know. ๐Ÿ™‚


Moral Horror


The Gospel of Jesus’ Wife: Update


  1. Mike

    I’m a big fan of Ben Witherington:

    Also, Craig Evans:

  2. Alabaster

    I’d suggest C. Harwick’s Thrica blog. I found his right around the time I found yours, Glenn.

  3. This might be an appropriate post to say thanks. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. MLO

    I am a theist but I do read The new Oxonian blog by the atheist R Joseph Hoffman. He is of a different kind from the so-called new atheists. Maybe you know Hoffman. Maybe you would be interested in his views too.

    Also thanks a lot for maintaining this blog. Although I am not a Christian I am learning a lot about your take on the God topic. The tradition I follow have some commonality with the Christian teachings. I think that is expected as there is only one God.

  5. MLO, thanks for the suggestion. I will check back there from time to time, but if the general tenor of the first post I saw is anything to go by, unfortunately it won’t make the list.

  6. Mike

    Glenn, Hoffmann is good and a first rate scholar. Check out what he says about Richard Carrier. You might not remember, but you have actually referred to him before in your own posts (I’m pretty sure I remember that). I was actually going to mention him, but thought you were already aware. He might have some pet projects and off-beat opinions, but what he says about relevant topics I’ve always found interesting.

  7. Mike, I’m glad to hear that (although I wasn’t able to find any references to Hoffman here). Perhaps I just caught him on a bad day (politics can do that to people). As I said, I will check back there from time to time.

  8. Mike

    This was the blog post everyone (including you, I thought) was linking to back when Richard Carrier decided to lay the smackdown on himself by challenge Bart Ehrman on his then new book on the historicity of Jesus.

  9. Zia

    I see you read Pruss, Feser and Reppert. Awesome.

    Check out Fides et Ratio:
    He is an Aristotelian-Thomistic Catholic Christian, mostly seems to blog about philosophical arguments.

    Also, The Maverick Philosopher:
    Blogs about theology/philosophy (duh), poetry/aphorisms and politics.

    I’m not actually suggesting Carrier’s blog, but a recent post of his seems substantial and interesting. Check out his post “Ex Nihilo Onus Merdae Fit,” which is essentially an argument against the concept of “from nothing, nothing comes.” It’s different from something like Krauss’s Universe from “Nothing.”

  10. Mike – Ah yes, I do recall seeing that link. I was going to join those mentioning it, but I think for some reason I never got around to it.

    Zia – Gah! I left Maverick Philosopher off the list. I’ll fix that now. Thanks for the link to Fides et Ratio, I’ll take a look.

  11. Blake

    Max Andrew’s blog has a lot of interesting posts. He posts about philosophy, theology, and science.

  12. Nick

    Perhaps Randal Rausers blog might be a link to include. He has some interesting discussions at times.

  13. I don’t know why, but a few comments have been getting caught in the spam filter lately. Sorry about that, Blake.

  14. is a nice blog. And you probably already know about the Prosblogion:

  15. Mike

    I remember (back when I used Facebook) that you seemed to be familiar with my Pastor, Tim Keller. His church has a site with a store where you can purchase sermons to download. There are also dozen of free ones. He’s probably one of the most gifted preachers like, ever. I’m not sure what category this would fit into under your links, but everyone should check out a sermon of two of his to experience the awesomeness that is Tim.

  16. Glenn,

    I think you’d really enjoy Old Testament scholar Mike Heiser


  17. Eric

    Here are a couple of great philosophy podcasts (though they’re from an academic POV, not from a Christian POV):

    The History of Philosophy (up to episofe 98)

    The Partially Examined Life (up so episode 64)

    The Philosopher’s Zone (easily one of the best philosophy podcasts out there; unfortunately, the host, Alan Saunders, passed away recently)

    There are some outstanding talks on philosophy and religion at The Veritas Forum

    Here’s a link to over 600 atheism/theism debates (well, it used to have that many — it looks like they’re working on some technical issues)

    I was surprised not to see The Prosblogion among your links!

  18. Glenn, I noticed you had a link to Boyd’s old Christus Victor site on your list. He has a new gig now called, “ReKnew”:

  19. Syllabus

    Roger Olson’s stuff on Patheos has some good stuff – even if he is on “the other team” from the good Mr. Peoples, so to speak. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Also, continuing with the Patheos troupe, Leah Libresco has some interesting stuff from time to time:

    And, if you like social commentary and witticisms from a RC viewpoint, the TOF Spot is a good one:

  20. Syllabus

    Sorry, Dr. Peoples.

  21. My new resource and quotes blog for Christian pacifism.

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