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Theologyweb / Perissos Theology Conference


Way back in 2003 I signed up to Theologyweb, a theology discussion forum – the best Theology Discussion forum anywhere on the web, in my humble opinion. One of the site owners is my friend Dee Dee Warren, who also runs the Preterist Podcast.

There have been a couple of relatively small “conferences” of Theologyweb geeks over the years. However, in conjunction with Perissos (run by my friend Lynn Erhorn), Theologyweb is looking at holding a large theology conference in Jacksonville, Florida. Here’s what Dee Dee had to say about it (I copied this from the Preterist Podcast)

Perissos Resources along with are discussing co-hosting a large theology convention in Jacksonville, FL March 1-3, 2013. We want to center the event around 2 formally-formatted 3-hour debates on eschatology (end-time philosophy) and a benefit banquet with a well-known keynote speaker. We’re also considering inviting several ministries to speak and raise awareness, hold book/media signings, and have several panel discussions. Some of you know we’ve done two small TWeb staff conventions in the past (2007, 2009), but we think it’s time to do a much bigger event that will almost feel like TWeb, only in person.

Our primary objective is to bring glory to God and see His kingdom advance. To that end, we want minister to the public with these programs as well as financially benefit the two ministries that will dedicate the next year of their lives to bring this event to fruition. The first step in this process is to test the market. If we’re the only ones excited about such an event, then it wouldn’t make much sense to go forward. So, we’re praying for clear direction and we’re asking you to tell us what you think of this concept. Your input at this crucial phase of our planning can make all the difference in whether or not this exciting event becomes a reality.

Clearly, this is a large endeavor. It will require a budget, sponsors, and, most importantly, sufficient interest to justify putting such an event together. We think this could have great ministry value and community impact, but we’d like to know what you think! We’ve put together a brief survey you can complete that will help us measure interest. You can access it below. We’re asking you to complete the survey (it’ll take about 2 minutes) and then tell all your friends about it so they can come and chime in, too.

It is our sincere hope that we can draw about 500 people to this event and that process begins right here. If we don’t get 250 responses in the next 2 weeks, the project may never see the light of day. We’d be sad to see that happen, since we’re already talking to some of the names you’ll see on the survey and there is interest on their part to participate. Please, be as social as you can about this! Post the link on Facebook, talk about it with friends, send an email to your fellow theology buffs!

If you might be interested in going to this conference, can you please complete the survey. This will help greatly with planning.

One more thing: One of the organisers approached me about this in particular, because if this conference does go ahead (and we will hopefully know fairly soon if it will), and if I can find a way (and at this stage I’m not sure what this will involve), then I’ll be speaking at this conference. And if that happens, I’ll also try to arrange other speaking opportunities in Florida while I’m over there.

Please: Spread the word. Complete the survey if you’re interested. And if you’re in the area and you’d like see something arranged while I’m there, let me know!


[EDIT: As indicated in the comments section, this conference will not be going ahead.]


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  1. Thanks for posting this, Glenn. I’m really excited about this, and I pray it becomes a reality. And if it does, I hope to see you there!

  2. I think I could actually swing getting there to Florida. It would be amazing to get to fellowship with so many folks from TheologyWeb. That site has been a part of my life since it’s inception “way back yonder” in ’03. Maybe not as much as I’d like in the last couple of years, but a part nonetheless.

    It’d be an honour to meet everyone.

  3. Nick

    Won’t you they be costing a post apocalyptic conference in March 2013? The end is coming in December this year, its true, I saw it in a movie. Seriously, now that sounds very interesting I hope they have audio of the conference available. This topic will bring forth some very diverse discussion. Hope you can go Glenn. I hpoe those in the US get chatting about this proposal a get the numbers needed.

  4. {Tim}

    Oh dear. Now if you’re going to be speaking there, I’ll be even more disappointed that I (probably) can’t go.

  5. The conference will not be going ahead, due to a low response and other circumstances.

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