Now that I’ve made a blog post since changing the address to www.rightreason.org I feel like the new name has been broken in. But I need your help.

A lot of sites have links to Say Hello to my Little Friend blog posts or podcasts episodes – or just to the main site. If you’re one of those people, it would really help if you could update those links to the new address. www.rightreason.org/etc rather than the old www.beretta-online.com/wordpress/etc. If you use the blog feed, please update this to https://www.rightreason.org/?feed=rss2

But don’t I have the site set up so that the old link will automatically send users to the right page? Yes, so people who follow those links will find the site. However, internet search engines know that those links are out there, and the prominence of a website (and its address) in search results is in part driven by those links, as are other background factors in web visibility.

It will only take a few minutes (don’t bother hunting out old blog posts with links in them), and it would help a lot. Thanks!