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Upcoming events in April 2013


Busy times are ahead!

No sooner has the blog awakened in 2013 than here I am explaining why things may be quiet over the next month. The reasons are all good this time. In late April I’ll be heading north for a number of speaking engagements. Let’s call it a speaking tour, that sounds impressive. All plans are tentative and may be re-arranged at this stage, but they will definitely be approximately like this:

  • On Saturday 20th April I’ll be speaking in Hamilton, details to be confirmed.
  • Then from Monday 22 April to Thursday 25 April I’ll be up at Muriwai Beach, speaking at a camp for Holy Word Church of Auckland. There will be a strong apologetics theme to the talks, which will cover the role of reason in the life of faith, the moral argument for theism, the historicity of the resurrection and the spiritual backdrop to apologetics.
  • From there I’ll head to West Auckland for a workshop over an evening (Thursday 25th) and a day (Friday 26th) with Thinking Matters Auckland where I’ll be joined by a host of other speakers including Auckland University’s Chris Tucker, Matthew Flannagan and other possible speakers to be confirmed. There I’ll be speaking on the New Atheism and Ethics on Thursday night, followed by talks on Friday on why Christianity matters if it’s true, God and moral value, and God and human equality.

From there it’s off to Tauranga for a “details to be confirmed” talk on Saturday.

All of this means that my writing attention is focused on getting these talks ready – but on the plus side for readers and listeners, it means that at least some of these talks will become podcast episodes in the fairly near future. if you’re interested in attending the Thinking Matters talks, head on over to their Facebook page and say hi!

Remember, if you’d like me to come and speak to a group of people where you are, have a look at the speaking page and drop me a line.

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  1. Roy

    I never thought I’d say this out-loud, but I wish I was in the land of the Kiwis!

  2. Melissa Lane

    Can’t you speak of someone more exciting than the New Atheists? Atheist moral philosophers such as Derek Parfit or Richard Joyce (he is a Kiwi) are heaps more interesting and intellectually engaging than Sam Harris.

    • Yes, there are atheist moral philosophers who are significantly more qualified to speak on the subject, some of whom I’ve discussed before, but for some appalling reason the “New Atheists” have managed to gain a popular level following. I wish it were not so. Plus, I was asked to talk about the New Atheists.

  3. Melissa Lane

    Imagine if everyone who liked Harris’ book got hooked on Parfit instead!

  4. Chris

    Any plans for an North American speaking tour?

    • That would be a blast, Chris. If there are people or groups in the US who want to see that happen, I’m all ears. 🙂

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