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We’re baaack!


1 Feb 2013. Here it is. Over the last little while my family has moved house (from Dunedin to Wellington) and begun settling into a new environment, we’re all living together again (!), and as promised Say Hello to my Little Friend is back in action for 2013!

This isn’t going to be like 2012. 2012 was slow. Now that life is back to something resembling normality, you’re staring down the barrel of blog and podcast output of 2011 proportions. Regular blogs, podcasts, reviews, and off-site activity to boot, including a stint as camp speaker for the Word of Life church in Auckland in late April.

As we launch headlong into 2013 here at SHTMLF, here are just a few reminders / requests / notices / whatever:

  • If you’d like to have me speak at an event on any of the subjects I cover at the blog (or others, just ask), feel free to drop me a line. I’d love to take more opportunities to speak to groups on theology, biblical studies, apologetics or related issues, but the trick is knowing where the interest is.
  • If you’d like to become a supporter, helping me to produce material here at the site and also providing me with the opportunity to invest in more resources to increase my output and to take part in potentially more speaking engagements, have a look at my donate page for my info.
  • You’re always welcome to contact me with suggestions for future blog and podcast subjects. I can’t promise anything, but asking never hurt anyone.
  • Lastly, invite your friends to check this site out! I want to spread the word far and wide to liven up the discussion and to let more people know about what’s available here, to make this year at Say Hello to my Little Friend better than ever. They should read the blog policy before jumping into the discussion.

Enjoy 2013


Counting down


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  1. Actual blog posts constituting the 2013 kick-off will commence tomorrow. 🙂

  2. wm tanksley

    I just got around to watching Scarface, just because it has your tagline in it.

    Disappointing. Glenn’s podcast version was way more interesting.

    Welcome back — looking forward to the next episode.


  3. Sandra

    I am (almost literally) squealing like an excited schoolgirl.

  4. One Bad Pig


    Just dropping by re Tweb. Let me know what your status should be going forward. It’s good to see you settling in again.

  5. Bob

    Welcome back, Glen! I see that you are on this weeks Unbelievable? Good stuff!

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