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Holy crap!


Some people attribute storms and floods in the UK to divine judgement for same-sex marriage. Some people attribute an earthquake in Haiti to an alleged pact with the Devil.

I’m a little more circumspect, but I chuckle at the fact that St Matthew’s-in-the-city, that notorious peddler of crap billboards and liberal theology (and yes, liberal theology is crap) now has its building under threat by crap from the heavens.

I guess God is giving a little something back.

Thus saith the LORD

Glenn Peoples

PS, again, liberal theology is crap, as are St Matthew-in-the-city’s attention-seeking billboards. If you find that mean, it is probably not a sound investment spending any time telling me so. Also, yes I agree it is a shame that such a nice building is being damaged.


Why are you quoting Sam Harris on Israel? (Religion is not the problem!)


What right to an opinion?


  1. Max

    St Matthew in the City has a new vicar who has not, and probably will not (?) put up any of the sorts of bill boards you are talking about.

    Liberal theology is a stream of thought which exists in the Anglican Church and will, I expect, continue to do so. A lot of people get something out of it, and find a home in places which are accepting of them. I am not convinced this is a bad thing.

    Perhaps the spirit of St Francis dwells in St Matthew’s?

  2. Max

    Forgot to click follow up box

  3. “Liberal theology is a stream of thought which exists in the Anglican Church and will, I expect, continue to do so.”

    For now, at least. Hence the bird poo.

  4. JD

    I think calling St Matthew’s in the City ‘liberal’ is rather doing liberal theology a disservice. Liberal theology is a more elusive term than evangelical in my opinion, especially when people say Rowan Williams or Keith Ward are liberal and Don Cuppitt or Lloyd Geering are liberal. Makes the term liberal pretty meaningless to me.

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