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Progressive social media: A translation guide


The reason the blog is quiet just now is a purely practical one. I’m finishing off some renovation at home. That’s nearly done, and blog entries will start flowing more regularly, but while I’ve been laying floorboards and insulating walls, I’ve been thinking.

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What we need to do is learn the language of online progressive communication to use in our articles, blogs, and social media comments. To this end, I’ve taken a swing at a short, handy translation guide. So before you write that next headline or reply to that next tweet, try these easy tips to make yourself more understandable to the generation that really cares about justice.


Instead of saying: Try saying:
“Michael expresses disagreement with John, with whom I also disagree.” “Michael DESTROYS John.”
“Karen has the last say in a disagreement with a conservative author before the video clip ends.” “Karen SHUTS DOWN bigot on live TV.”
“News host engages in a monologue about why she disagrees with Bob’s theory, and gets quite emotional about it. I share her sentiment.” “Watch this host’s EPIC TAKEDOWN of Bob’s ignorance.”
“I know a lot of people have talked about X already, but not enough people agree with me, or at any rate, I want to give the impression that I’m the first one in history to care about X.” “Can we talk about X?”
“True, this article or tweet is about a slightly different subject. But I’d like to capitalise on the popularity of the article / tweet and divert some of that attention to myself. It’s not enough for me to go on about it to my own friends or readership.” “Can I just talk about X?”
“I have tried many times to express a good argument against this conservative and socially out-of-step idea or movement, but I haven’t been very successful at showing that I have a good reason to believe what I do, and I find that frustrating.” “Dear Evangelicals: I am DONE with you.”
“I like your comment. I have tried to argue for my position before, but I don’t really have any good arguments, lol. You might not have any either, but you said it with such gusto, and now you have to defend what you said and I can just pass the buck to you when challenged.” “THIS.”
“I think bullying is actually OK when it amounts to ganging up on somebody who holds a view that people like me who hold populist liberal positions as the result of cultural pressure don’t accept. Basically, you should just shut up and fit in with us.” “[PERSON / GROUP I DISAGREE WITH] is on the wrong side of history.”
“Kevin, a presenter who agrees with my views, expresses some claims that are disputed by his conservative interviewee.” “Watch as this conservative gets FACT CHECKED by Kevin!”

There are probably other important phrases and terms you should swap out, but these will hopefully get you started. Extrapolate from here to other situations, or feel free to share your own examples in the comments below. Sharing is caring!

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  1. Funny stuff there, Glenn!

    In other words, to “communicate” with brainwashed Leftists who have the insight and/or forethought of a dead fish floating upstream, rip off their false narratives, idioms and euphemisms and turn it loose on them?

    I say this in jest…sort of.

    And keep up the fine work…online and at home. Btw, try not to swear when you hit your thumb with the hammer 😊

    • Well, being brainwashed and lacking insight is by no means exclusive territory of the left. Neither is this sort of language, but as a general tendency, that’s where it appears more. Left and right have different vices.

    • All too true Glenn. Both Right AND Left fit on that path.

    • Giles

      Sadly true. When I was growing up in the UK in the 1980s in the UK it was generally the left who used to try rational evidence based arguments and Conservatives who resorted to insult and shaming. That has very much reversed. But in those days the left had a concrete agenda for improving the lot of the working class. Now the “left” despises the working class as racist, sexist low information etc and no real agenda beyond calling certain approved victim groups by nicer names and whipping up hatred against other groups who don’t make it onto the approved list.

  2. John Quin


    • Giles

      Another is “X owns Y” where one agrees with X and disagrees with Y.

  3. I’ve also seen something along the lines of “X sends Y crying to mommy!”

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