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Have Yourself a Very Pagan Christmas! (not)


It’s that time of year. Christmas is just days away, and I’m pleasantly surprised our media in New Zealand hasn’t trotted out the same “scholars” as last time to break the scandalous story that… I don’t know, Jesus never really existed (yawn), Nazareth didn’t exist (uh huh), Israel never existed, Jesus was a gay feminist or something equally likely.

One reliable Christmas theme is that really, Christmas isn’t Christian in origins. You’ll hear things like:

“Someone keeps putting up “Keep Christ in Christmas” and “Christ is the reason” signs all around my town. I’m guessing they don’t know about the celebration’s pagan roots.”

That’s the caption that was attached to this “pagan traditions” picture. If you do start hearing this sort of things from those heathen carollers of the internet, this year give the gift of knowledge.

Merry Christmas 2014


It is Christmas Eve. I pray you have a blessed, safe and merry Christmas this year. I am disappearing for a couple of days, and this year I will leave you in the capable hands of John Lennox from a carol service in Oxford.

Merry Christmas!

Glenn Peoples

Christmas doesn’t cost a thing


Do a quick Google search for a combination of these two words: “Christmas” and “financial.” Pretty much all the search results will have one thing in common: They advise people to act now, or to act in a certain way, to avoid the “financial hangover” that comes with Christmas. For families that are not wealthy, it can be a time of year when debts are accrued and relationships are strained as a result of financial difficulty.

Maybe you’ve had similar thoughts to me at times, when I look at the bills that I need to pay off, only to add with a note of despair – “and there’s still Christmas to contend with!” Wait – contend with? How did this happen?

Episode 022: Merry CHRISTmas!


Hey everyone, this is my last podcast episode for 2008, So I thought I’d do something light hearted. Here’s a brief glimpse at purgatory, aka “what lefties do do Christmas.” Enjoy. I can’t take credit for the story. It was concocted by one John Mitchell, and can be found here.

Merry Christmas!


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