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Episode 048: The moral argument for God

Do moral truths point to the existence of God?

Occam’s Razor and the Moral Argument for Theism

In spite of what some say, appealing to God as the basis of morality (or the explanation for anything else) does not automatically violate Occam’s Razor. Often something that catches my eye and on which I want to comment are themselves comments on other comments, which are in turn follow-up comments on previous discussions. I […]

The fall and rise of the moral argument

In light of the millennia of the history of philosophy that we have behind us, it was only recently – setting the last few decades aside – that the moral argument slipped out of the mainstream. In the first half of the twentieth century C. S. Lewis could refer to the moral argument with some […]

The conditional premise of the moral argument

The title of this blog entry is a little misleading, since I’m actually talking about a conditional premise of one formulation of the moral argument. It’s not the formulation of the moral argument that I prefer to use, but it’s a common one nonetheless, and one that I do think is sound. The common formulation […]

A simple explanation of the moral argument

Recently there has been some discussion here about the moral argument for theism, with a couple of correspondents announcing with great certainty (but unfortunately little else) that the argument is just terrible. I beg to differ. Today I appeared on an episode of the Unbelievable? radio show, hosted by Justin Brierley (actually we did two […]

Does the moral argument point to a benevolent God?

Philosophers who defend theism by making use of the classical arguments or some variation thereof (like the cosmological argument, the teleological and fine tuning arguments and the moral argument) have always been realistic about what each of these arguments, if sound, establishes. The cosmological argument establishes that the universe has a cause with certain features […]

Aquinas and his “Moral Argument”

Aquinas’ “moral argument” might not be what you expect to find. Thomas Aquinas is famous for – among other things – his five arguments for Christian theism, arguments called “the five ways” (quinque viae). The first way is the argument from the unmoved mover. The second way is the argument from the first cause (commonly […]

Episode 010: The Moral Argument, Part 2

Can there be any moral truths if God does not exist? Part 2.

Episode 009: The Moral Argument, Part 1

Can there be any moral truths if God does not exist?

On moral thinking rather than merely reacting

When possible, don’t wait until something goes terribly, tragically wrong until you decide what you think about it. I had been planning on letting some of the hoopla about gun control in light of the most recent awful school shooting die down a little before I made this brief comment, lest it get lumped in […]

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