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Episode 010: The Moral Argument, Part 2


Here it is, the second installment of my two part series on the moral argument.

Oh, and before anyone gets offended and writes to me about the parody in the blog roundup – stop and ask yourself: Are you a Windows user by choice? If so, then which of us is really worse, hmm?


The Holy Spirit injured me! …. or did he?


Singer's philosophy, where it belongs


  1. I really enjoyed this podcast, Glenn, even though I don’t think that the argument is very persuasive. I thought that the descriptions or meta-ethical positions was worth the price of admission alone.

  2. So this free podcast episode was worth every penny then? 😉

  3. Graham Robinson

    Is it just me or did the podcast end abruptly at 40:00?

  4. It shouldn’t end then, Graham. According to the display in the blog post, the audio file is 56:52m long.

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