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Dawkins cuts McGrath, includes Haggard


From this page:

Alister McGrath Swept off the Cutting Room Floor
William Dembski

Last year I described how Richard Dawkins interviewed Alister McGrath for the BBC production THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL and then decided to leave him on the cutting room. Go here:…isive-critics/

That interview, I’ve learned, is now available at Google Video here:…78760369344626.

In watching it, ask yourself if it would have made for a less biased program if Dawkins had dropped Ted Haggard and substituted Alister McGrath.

Note: Dawkins interviewed Alister McGrath for his video. McGrath is eminently qualified in both theology and the natural sciences, and is the most widely published and competent critic of Dawkins out there. And what a surprise, McGrath gets cut from the video, but Ted Haggard’s comment is sooo important that it just has to stay.

Just a wild guess, but I think someone’s covering himself very well. I guess when you’re the moderator of your own debate you get to choose only the best (read: worst) arguments against your position to interact with. I guess the key is here: Christians who don’t share Dawkins views on science are irrational and generally unintelligent people, often with questionable character (obviously). So pick Haggard, and ignore anyone who might seriously challenge that presentation.


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  1. Ken

    It’s interesting that the Dawkins foundation is now distributing the full uncut videos for the McGrath interview and others on a 3 DVD set. So it’s hardly covering up on Dawkins part

  2. Glenn

    Who said it was covering up? Not me. But it is pretty obvious that if you are going to interview Christians to talk about serious issues like the ones in Dawkins’s video, Alister McGrath is rather obviously a better choice than Ted Haggard. If anything, Ted should have been included in the longer version and cut from the original, not McGrath. The TV version is what Joe public is more likely to see, after all.

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